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Thank God Movie Review: Ajay Devgn Starrer Is Fun When It’s Funny, Depressing When It’s Not!

Thank God Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet, Seema Pahwa, Kiku Sharda

Director: Indra Kumar

Thank God Movie Review(Pic Credit: Youtube)

What’s Good: It’s better than Ram Setu! (Released on the same day)

What’s Bad: Ram Setu isn’t really a bar for this film to push & be happy about

Loo Break: Stick back for the funny scenes, you can get off during the melodramatic sequences & return for some slapstick fun

Watch or Not?: Not worth leaving your comfort zone & going to a cinema hall for this! Too much effort. You can give it a try on OTT

Available On: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 121 minutes (Feels Like 151 minutes)

User Rating:

Ayan Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) is just like you & me (except we’re poor), he’s rich but shares the usual problems with us. Monetary issues, badly hit by demonetisation, and chaos in his personal & professional life which make him annoyed with life and hence he messes with anyone who tries to piss him off even for a second (basically he turns into Jaya Bachchan & faces life as she faces paparazzi).

Post an accident, though his body is transferred to a hospital, his soul is sent to heaven where he faces Yamdoot aka YD & CG aka the one who shall not be named (Ajay Devgn). They play the ‘game of life’ with him deciding his fate of going to hell or getting back his life. Through the game, Ayan learns a lot of ignored things about himself & life-changing the way he looks at it.

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Thank God Movie Review: Script Analysis

Aakash Kaushik, Madhur Sharma’s script heavily relies on the humour & drama balance which is lost more than one time impacting the intrigue it builds occasionally. In a line, it’s fun when it’s funny but gets really sad (not good, melancholic sad) when it gets sad.

It follows the traditional trademarked Indra Kumar formula of getting you emotionally inclined towards the narrative even when you want to have just some light fun. It’s a crowd pleaser, with its comedy, for sure but the real question is: is that enough to attract the audience to this changing phase of cinema?

Thank God Movie Review: Star Performance

Ajay Devgn could act decent even if he sleepwalks throughout his scenes & that’s what he has precisely done with CJ. The attempt at being a cooler version of ‘the one who shall not be named’ is eclipsed by how imbalanced his character is. He’s good on a few occasions but just wants to get out of the film on others.

Sidharth Malhotra had clearly overestimated how this character would turn out when he must’ve read the script. Ayan’s quirks just don’t come out as natural as they should’ve with someone like Varun Dhawan. Even his aggressive side isn’t optimally showcased due to the poor writing.

Rakul Preet is as good as a decent special appearance which might not make any impact on how the story changes. Seema Pahwa & Kiku Sharda are royally wasted, Indra Kumar has the potential to do much better with characters like these.

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Thank God Movie Review: Direction, Music

For some reason, Indra Kumar tries to start the film with a ‘ghisa-pita’ generic shot of zooming into India from the zoomed-out view of Earth & starts the film. This was the first 15 seconds of the film & I feared how generic this would get from here (spoiler alert: it gets worse). From copying Chandler’s iconic Friends’ scene, narrating the ‘black dot on white board’ analogy to a doctor motivating himself before operating on a patient are things which have been around for a while even if many aren’t aware. Inspiration for a major portion of the dialogues comes straight from WhatsApp forwards, the problem is, they aren’t even good ones.

Amar Mohile’s soundtrack is forgettable at best. Apart from 2 remade tracks (Manike, Dil De Diya Hai), I don’t even remember what songs were there in the film.

Thank God Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Thank God had the potential to be much more than what it is today. The imbalance between multiple genres dents the fun-watching experience it should’ve ideally been.

Side Note: I had a headline in mind I would’ve used if this was worse than this & I just couldn’t hold back sharing it with y’all-

Thank God Movie Review: One Thing You’d Say After Coming Out Of This Film Alive Is ‘Thank God!’

Two Stars! 

Thank God Trailer

Thank God releases on October 25, 2022.

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