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Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: Aditya Roy Kapur Loses Memory In First 15 Minutes, Wish Same Happened With The Film’s Audience!

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjana Sanghi, Prakash Raj, Jackie Shroff, and ensemble.

Director: Kapil Verma.

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: Ft . Aditya Roy Kapur

What’s Good: That it ends with Aditya getting half naked with tons of bronzer on his body. At least the crowd hooting said that.

What’s Bad: That it exists. Someone with loads of extra money and influence decided to fund a project that cannot be called a film but 135 minutes of “oh Aditya will now pull a helicopter down with his bare hands!”.

Loo Break: First make sure you can even convince yourself to start watching it. Loo breaks come much later.

Watch or Not?: Only if your thirst for 5 minutes of half-naked Aditya Roy Kapur can’t wait. Even for that, re-watch Malang on Netflix. It’s a masterpiece in comparison.

Language: Hindi.

Available on: In theatres near you!

Runtime: 135 Minutes.

User Rating:

Even though I couldn’t make out what I saw in those 135 minutes, neither were the actors involved aware of what they were signing up for, but I am going to try. A top-notch soldier like no other is shot in the head and he loses his memory. Soon enough his moto is understood and begins the Tom and Jerry show where everyone is a villain and Heropanti 2 has a better plot.

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Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: Script Analysis

Oh my dear God! If you thought what could beat the rock bottom Nikamma and Heropanti 2 have touched in the past couple of months, my dear friend, we just discovered the rock bottom is deeper down and Om (with a heavy prefix) will navigate us to it. I didn’t have an option but to go, but you can save yourself.

So let’s analyze the script of Om, or the lack of it. A script is supposed to tell a story, but in this case where is the story? I am confused how someone even thought of taking credit for this mess of a plot that knows only one thing, put a loud action sequence and the audience will forget we don’t have anything good to offer. It isn’t like that my good sir.

Written by Niket Pandey and Raj Saluja Something Something Om is a movie that was visibly written on the sets. Each twist makes no sense with the last and no character having an arc that reflects continuity. People forget their characters, they are shot, and even what their professions are. Only Aditya Roy Kapur remembers everything and he is supposed to be the one who has lost his memory.

For example, you are never told where this movie is set geographically. To add more some characters suddenly appear in undisclosed locations, as if we know where the last ones were. If that isn’t enough, Aditya’s character OM is given a trajectory of having two fathers and a very tragic story of how he got his names but that has literally no impact on his world apart from creating a villain. And it could have been okay if he wasn’t written as his father. Like why?

We don’t reach the limit here. Aditya is pulling down helicopters alone, you think it doesn’t steep any lower? So Aditya has no memory and I understand he is shot in his head. A bullet went inside an inch and he is a miracle man because he lived. But a man gets up from a coma and suddenly fights 10 men and breaks furniture like he was trained by Jackie Chan in some alternate coma universe? Okay, I will suspend my disbelief a bit. But what about the fact that the only memories he has are of when he was 10, why isn’t he shocked that he has a grown up body and has an entirely new clan around? I am not even pointing out his body that still is in shape even after being in a coma. John Abraham did the same couple of months ago and I am done.

Also, how conveniently his memory comes back and he hatches a master plan while the stereotypical Gujarati salesman looking doctor had announced his memory couldn’t be reversed ever. Can anything make sense at this point? What is my job exactly?

I am not even getting into the details. Like how you are told a character is a soldier 100 times and his funeral is done like civilians, or how a dhoti kurta scientist Jackie Shroff manages to identify his son even after 20 years. Or how cars in this universe have no simple brakes, they only drift and stop. The good thing is I am still sane enough to write this.

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: Star Performance

Aditya Roy Kapur plays another ‘only man who can save a country’ character. Someone around him do me a favour and remind him how good an actor he is. Show him his beautiful work in Guzaarish, make him chose good roles. I can’t see him struggle to even get average scripts. That face, body, and bronzer deserve way more and better than this.

Sanjana Sanghi gets to play another “she could have been anything and that wouldn’t have bothered” in a film. She enters the frame in a setup that looks like a shampoo TVC, that shifts to a space where she seems like a nurse, later doctor and boom she is an undercover special task force agent. But this agent is so dumb that she follows her heart shoots herself in the same heart and then resurrects like it was a toy gun bullet. Wow! Yes, not kidding. She is shot in the heart and she stands without support. Worse, she poses like she was never shot.

Ashutosh Rana is the most clueless father the Hindi film industry might have seen. He almost knows nothing. Prakash Raj has to remind him that OM his is son at one point. His reaction to his son coming out of a coma is a blank face.

Add to that a Prakash Raj who in the climax entirely forgets he is an army officer strong enough to combat. He literally becomes the guy from Singham and behaves like some other character but not from this film.

Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: Direction, Music

Kapil Verma only shoots the action sequences, everything in between is patchwork for him. Patches with holes big enough to see the lethargy of it all. No storyline is consistent, every twist makes little to no sense. Whatever makes some sense is highly predictable.

We are not talking about the music, lazy CGI, or the cinematography, please.

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Rashtra Kavach Om Movie Review: The Last Word

I saw this one with Aditya Roy Kapur fans. Even their enthusiasm died only to be reprised on a funeral scene (not an ideal point to hoot). But what will they do about a film in which nothing makes sense? You do have a brain and must save it I think.

Rashtra Kavach Om Trailer

Rashtra Kavach Om releases on 01 July, 2022.

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