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Not so Haseen……Dilruba!

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#HaseenDilruba is the much awaited Bollywood release on Netflix India! The movie is directed by Vinil Mathew and written by Kanika Dhillon and stars #Taapsee Pannu , Vikrant Massey and #HarshvardhanRane in lead roles!

 Haseen Dilruba is basically a murder mystery of the husband played by Vikrant Massey where the wife, Taapsee Pannu becomes the prime suspect.  Haseen Dilruba is a decent film; not great but it leaves you with a ‘could have been better’ feeling – especially the Climax. After so much anticipation and owing to the star-cast – You know what I mean?

 Taapsee and Vikrant both have given some phenomenal performances in the past in movies like Pink, Naam Shabana, Chapaak. Despite good actors, the film doesn’t stand out. The Funny scenes aren’t funny, the climax isn’t upto the marks, lot of flaws in the storyline. Overall not an appealing film!

Talking about the drawbacks – there is just one and it is the climax where the murder mystery is resolved. It is something which you can guess shortly after watching the flashbacks – you just need to know how it happens. Even if you haven’t guessed; the climax and its absurdity will make you laugh sarcastically than believe in what storytellers want you to believe in. When a movie does well throughout and fails in the climax, it becomes an average stuff unfortunately. But still; I will ask you to watch this one not for its murder mystery but the problems with modern marriages which has been portrayed very aptly

 I hope you guys like my honest review on Haseen Dilruba

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