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Abirlal Mukhopadhyay

Story Highlights
  • The Star Icon Award by Suman Art Theatre
  • Limelight Award by Opus Coliseum
  • India Prime 100 Authors Award by Foxclues
  • India Book of Records
  • Influential Indian's Award by The Crazy Tales

Abirlal Mukhopadhyay was born in West Bengal and spent his early childhood in Jharkhand. After returning home, he had his higher secondary from his village school and passed being the block topper the same year. From Bankura Christian College he completed his bachelor’s degree in English Literature. India Book of Records appreciates Abirlal Mukhopadhyay for publishing five interesting books at the early age of twenty years nine months. This year Abirlal Mukhopadhyay is awarded with India Prime 100 Authors Award by Foxclues, Limelight Award by The Opus Coliseum, Star Icon Award by Suman Art Theatre, RCrit Author Award by RCrit Review. Abirlal Mukhopadhyay is marked as the Best Young Promising Author and awarded with Influential Indian’s Award by The Crazy Tales.

To name a few books of Abirlal: The Cry From The Fire, The Rough Sketches of Life, The Living Corpses, Heart to Art, Syntax and other books. His short stories include The Fishmonger, The Ticket Collector, A Birthday Cake, Freak. His fictions and poems have a close study of human emotions. Their innermost desires are well expressed in some of his poems: ‘Can’t’, ‘Survive’, ‘Never’, ‘Deciduous’, ‘Baltimore Oriole’. He took part in several national and international exhibitions of art. Abirlal worked as a co-writer and invited author for various magazines and publishing houses. Some of them are: Blue Hill Publication, The Opus Coliseum, Flairs and Glairs. Abirlal Mukhopadhyay is also appointed the same year as a board member of the Indian Human Rights Organisation West Bengal.

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The early writings of Abirlal Mukhopadhyay were in Bengali. From his secondary school days, he started contributing in different anthologies in Bengali. It was when he was in college, he started publishing his works in English. Unspoken, unsung human pain and emotions, declining morality, unheard voices get their prominent place in the works of Abirlal. In the book The Living Corpses the girl named Baliel stood as a representative of the abused teens in the workplace and everywhere. The Cry From the Fire explores the abusive male characters who hold power and drink the life of others for pleasure. The tribal life is portrayed in The Cry From the Fire. One evening in the forest a boat came with a white man and a big black bag. The man with a black jacket entered the forest with the bag and came back barehanded. Varsha noticed everything from a distance. The boat disappeared. But what was there in the bag!
A widow of twenty-five, Varsha, lived at the periphery of a little village amidst the forest. And the two white babies lived with her, Wherefrom she got them!
Sukla was the elder son of the witch, Raka. After the death of the witch her second son, Sukhdev decided to marry but at the marriage night Varsha mistakenly drank the sanctified water and the marriage got suspended by the priest for the next lunar eclipse.

An old woman who came to Varsha’s cottage also died that night. Villagers suspected her as devilish. The atmosphere became heavy…
At midnight Bashu with two other men entered her cottage and after a few hours, they fired the cottage with the widow of twenty-five…
Her screaming, the pain of the two children who called Varsha ‘mother’ made the night darker than others…
But who helped the children to escape from the village!

Mystery, suspense and complexity of plot make each of his stories more relishing.

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