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The Last Resort


It was nicely spread out, and wrapped up perfectly at the end

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Title: The Last Resort

Author: Susi Holliday

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery

First Publication: 2020

Language: English

Amelia and six other strangers are offered the chance of a lifetime. They’re all told that they can go into a private island all expenses paid. They have invited to assist Timeo Technologies test a brand new product. Following their arrival on the island, things begin to become strange and mysterious. When the true reason behind their summons becomes clear, the guests enthusiasm rapidly turns to dread. They all have secrets they’d rather keep hidden, however, the creator of the island has other plans. There’s nothing from the past as they are all forced to put on a memory tracking device that exposes their black and black deeds to their fellow guests.

With no way off the islandand no means of knowing the other guests most upsetting secrets, Amelia begins to believe that her only prospect of living is to be the last one standing. The Last Resort is composed in the way so many are nowadays, in which the story switches from one character to another with each brief chapter. However in this case, there is just seven figures staying in a luxury resort, with seven different stories, and another three or four characters that run the resort, that are also weighing in with their thoughts to the reader. The plot dig further in their background and discover their backstories as the book progresses.

The simple fact that everybody in this story is a shady character adds to the intrigue. Halfway through, a genre changing twist happens, and things get a little more dramatic. While I’d a hunch, I was only partly right, and the writer managed to catch me completely off guard. There are no spoilers here, however, the plot abruptly shifted. This story is made much more intriguing by the fact that every one of the individuals are rather shady. Halfway through, there was a genre altering twist and everything gets a little severe. Even though I’d a suspicion, I was only partially right along with the writer managed to take me completely by surprise.

No spoilers here, however it suddenly became a whole different story. I am not gonna lie, for a big chunk of a book. I was wondering if something was going to take place because the pacing is a bit slow, however it ended up picking up and getting downright mysterious. Nothing about it book completely blew my mind, the final twist, while fascinating, isn’t mind blowing. What I enjoyed about it story was how it messed with my mind. There are many red herrings that it may be hard to state which ones are real. The figures are only adequate, but the accumulation of humor and tension was fantastic.

What’s good about it book is a feeling of uncertainty. And after that we’ve got the mystery. We know just what is going to happen next and yet have no clue how it’d come about. It’s slick, it’s crafty, it is interesting, and I totally didn’t see it coming.

I liked Susi Holliday’s writing style, full of richness and a perfectly paced rhythm. The book is addictive, not only for its disturbing plot, but also for the way author Susi Holliday moves you inside this world, changing your mind about who is good and who is not in almost every chapter. Every word is a puzzle, a puzzle that you twist and turn and try to work out the mystery.

The Last Resort by Susi Holliday was nicely spread out, and wrapped up perfectly at the end. The characters weren’t too in-depth, but the main focus was the plot. The combination of the guilt for the crimes they committed, plus the slow realization that no one is coming to their rescue, is a horrific yet fascinating scenario to read about. I also loved the psychological aspect of the story, as the island ‘guests’ began to break down mentally and show their true colors. I recommend it to all fans of psychological thriller and crime mystery novels and addicts of the unexpected endings.

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