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In Conversation with Author Ram Bujharat Singh

Question 1 :Please let me know something that you believe in OR few punchlines / Quotes from your books?

Answer : Book The Vision have identity, realisation transformation  Enlightenment and Crusades. some quotes are

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  1. Shiva Lord destroyers command nothing is impossible and final in this Universe
  2. Elevation of man to humanity to Divinity and Divine oneness a journey of man to Divine oneness may you call in loose term oneness of god- para Brahma
  3. Ego that is ahankar- pride contains Identity reality and super ego
  4. God contains Jiva- life of jiva bonded soul and super soul that is soul ‘soul – Para Brahma the god
  5. Existence ever exist can’t create as  ever energy can’t create
  6. Doctrine of Trinity- God son and pious spirit of Christianity
  7. Stories and fables of Kuran prophet and Hadith of Islam shape Islam a religion
  8. Body mind and soul is base of Christianity
  9. Do you know human body ,Man that is heart,mind and soul is reality in loose term you may call god

Question 2 :Are you happy about being an Author?

Answer :Surely enjoying that has given an opportunity to write and speak –  a wonderful satisfaction

Question 3 :What’s your inspiration as an author?

Answer : Believe in meaningful writings so delivered successful fact my soul is my inspiration that ever ready to unfold truths and facts

Question 4 :What are the best things or positive things about your stories ?

Answer :Books all are full of positivist and meaning

Question 5 :How to deal with a  “Writer’s Block”?

Answer :Never come across moreover not interested in them and their politics being investment bankers

Question 6 :What are the problems that you have faced in your Author journey?

Answer: Born in farm family in remote background of village. Studied in vernacular in beginning to higher education in BHU, I faced odds of vernacular education and village life of Sixties.

Question 7 :How did you approach the writing process? Do you have a set routine or does it vary?

Answer: Reading and writings are my hobbies so books are its outcome in form of poetry novels and books on Spirituality

Question 8:For you , what makes a great story ?

Answer : Part 1 one may call stories bring Hindi Novels My first hindi novel was on Varna Vyavastha that is casteism and to abolish from Sanatanies Nobel was appreciated from society and literature circle.Other Novels on burning topics and fields

Poems are infact part of life , experience, and realisation indebted from societies.

The Vision and Energy thy Devinity  are probably rare gift of existence that that had been by me or may say came through me on Devinity of Humanity

Question 9:What Genre of Books do you create and Why you chose it ?

Answer : Basically  written two books  in English on spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, morality and humanity thy Divinity an elevation of man to Divine. The books are The Vision and The Energy thy Divinity  Books are under publicity

Written three books in English collection of poems on life , nature and vegetations under lease of life, Leisure to relieve and leaves into Lap

Written 5 Novels in Hindi namely Prabhat, Pratik, Prabodh, Praneta and Mohajir . Prabhat is already Published by us 1987 and had wonderful response. Planning for its 2ND Edition All books ready for publications both in English and Hindi

Question 10:Where can people contact you ?

Answer :Ram Bujharat Singh

Email ID

Question 11: How was your journey of publishing with your publisher

Answer: basically I am amateur author both in English and Hindi. In fact I have been known as Investment bankers My brief is being enclosed with The Vision.

You can Grab a copy of The Vision below

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