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In Pursuit of Mi Amor by Sujata Parashar


This is a book that you can read in one sitting. It is quick, gripping, and enjoyable throughout.

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Publisher: Vishwakarma Publicationss
Pages: 190
Price: Rs. 250 INR(paperback), Rs. 217 INR(Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978–9390869102

Starting with, the main characters are introduced in a very neat manner and their respective plotlines are carried forward in a crisp manner.

During the course of the book one begins to realize that pain works on different planes and layers. While some have to endure physical pain , many have to endure mental pain.

Suhana travels to Madrid for a consulting assignment to report on the company expansion plan of The Sunflower, a thriving health company with multiple divisions in Spain. Amar, the creator Of The Sunflower, is planning to spread his business to India, together with launching a brand new exclusive wellness retreat program. Even though Suhana and Amar have embarrassing interactions initially, few unexpected incidents bring them close revealing their emotions for each other. But, both have ghosts from their past that keep coming back to derail their present life. In parallel runs the story of Suyash, childhood friend of Amar, that has settled in Madrid as a banker with his wife Amya.

A work assignment requires him to NY where he bumps into his ex girlfriend Sarika. Subsequent transfer for a year in NY means that Suyash is left in a problem on his devotion to his wife and suppressed feelings due to his or her past love. What decisions do Amar and Suyash make in this pursuit of love form the rest of the story. The story begins by introducing Suhana and Amar, and their various past along with their professions. The author very well weaves together the professional life and personal interactions of the main characters. I loved how a story and narration don’t get cliched whilst speaking to powerful middle aged women and men.

Suhana and Amar are immediately lovable, and their personality graph is well developed gradually revealing their layers. There’s an element of intrigue, in both the parallel stories, that keeps the reader engaged with the narration. The author has also done good research on hemophilia and thus the inclusion in the story is genuine. A subtle message of how childhood scars might form an adult and their lifestyle decisions is conveyed well. Along with romance, another critical ingredients of a relationship such as honesty, loyalty are well contrasted between the personalities. The cover is quite impressive and is sure to make the reader choose this up. Though the story happens in Spain and partly in NY, I want the author captured the essence of those backdrops more while narrating the story. The pace is fast, and the book can be finished in one go. If you’re a fan of romance, and prefers older, sensible stories then this is essential read.

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