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4am Conversations by Ayushee Ghoshal


Incredible collection of poetry dealing with relationships, love, heartbreak, communication, hope and moving on

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Title: 4 am Conversations

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Author: Ayushee Ghoshal

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

ISBN: 9789384315580

About the book
From the Ferris Wheel of Love and anticipation to the Carousel of Loss and despair. From the darkness of delusion to the bright rays of self discovery. Four AM Conversations with the ghosts of old lovers is a handpicked selection of poetry written for the love that got away and also for you. You, who forgot to love the lover you’re meant to love all your life. Yourself.


I have known Ayushee for a couple of years now and have been following her writing since long. It came as a surprise to me when she shared details about her poetry title 4 am Conversations.
Reading the book I felt that there is so much of emotional catastrophe in Ayushee’s poems that you just cannot read and keep the book down. Poems in the title 4 am conversations have the capacity to stir down your emotions.

Often I feel how can such a young soul write so beautifully.

I mean to say the words in the poems have depth. It makes you think and at the very same time, you can feel the connect. It’s not just an anthology of poems it’s more like tales and nano tales.

The book has been divided into 9 sections:

A Fistful Of Love
A World Of Almosts
A Silent Madness
An Irreparable Memoir
Losing A Muse
4 AM Conversations With The Ghost Of Old Lovers
A Brief Affair With Time
A Game Of Silence
What The Poets Never Told You

All the sections are unique and will take you through a roller-coaster of emotions. Language is kept simple which also has the direct connect with readers.

You can grab your copy from.

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